Volkswagen Repair in Portland, OR

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German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen is the largest automaker in Germany and the second largest in the World. Models such as the Beetle and the Passat made this automobile manufacturer extremely popular and wealthy over the years. However, even the majestic history of the corporation and its vehicles cannot overcome the need for Volkswagen repair.

Some Volkswagen have transmission issues. Prominent in models like the Jetta, GTI, and Eos, these issues were severe enough to prompt manufacturer recalls. A few other problems were also reported with the Tiptronic transmission system:

  • The transmission itself is prone to hard shifting and slippage. In addition, there were reports of torque converter shuddering. Downloading the latest software available from Volkswagen fixes many of these high-end technology problems.
  • Reports of Solenoid N89 failure are common. This causes a horrid shift from 4th gear back to 1st gear because of sticking during the shift from 3rd gear to 4th gear. The car stalls suddenly when this failure occurs.
  • Faulty temperature sensors and clutch components cause issues for drivers as well. The temperature sensor failures causes the transmission to slip and shift into neutral, while the clutch component causes sudden downshifts randomly.

Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto of Portland is the place to go when your Volkswagen needs repairs. In operation for over six years, Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto carries the Volkswagen repair name with pride. Their ASE-certified mechanics trained many years to learn the ins-and-outs of the Volkswagen brand. They perform all routine maintenance and other services and repairs on the high-end Jetta and all other Volkswagen models.