Oil Change in Portland, OR

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How often do you get an oil change done on your car? If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is every 3,000 miles. To know for certain you should look in your owner’s manual for the recommendation of your manufacturer. Whatever the timing is, those of us at Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto know how important it is for you to have a regular oil change done. It is an insurance placed on your investment, your car, that keeps it on the streets of Portland for years to come.

Having a regular oil change done is vital to the health of all of your car’s most important systems. Contaminants will get into your oil over time. This can include unburned gasoline which will dilute and break down your oil, dirt that will clog it and metal fragments that will damage other metal parts that it comes in contact with. An oil change is essential for maintaining a healthy car.

When you come into Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto be sure to notify us of your driving conditions. This can change how often we recommend you bring your car in for the next oil change it needs. Stop and go traffic wears on your car worse than slow and steady traffic. Frequently driving very fast, such as on highways, also puts stress on your car and oil. Giving us a complete picture of how you drive your car around Portland will help us help your car! Come in to Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto today for an oil change that keeps your car healthy and ready for another 3,000 miles.