Lexus Repair in Portland, OR

The Portland Lexus Specialists -- Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto

Buying a Lexus is an investment in having the best. If you want your Lexus to stay that way you will need to find the best Lexus repair shop in Portland. Over here at Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto, we’re becoming quite well known for our high quality Lexus repair, servicing and maintenance skills. Our shop is conveniently located in town, odds are good you’ve driven by us before. Why not stop by for your next Lexus repair job?

How have we built a name for ourselves in the Lexus category? By providing excellent customer service, using quality Lexus replacement parts that last and by repairing every Lexus that comes in correctly the first time. Customer service is always the first step. If you’re leaving your Lexus with us we want you to be confident that it is in good hands. We can answer any questions you have and address all of your concerns before any repair work is done. The parts we use are bought locally whenever possible, we have a great source that has the parts that will fit your Lexus and keep it running for years to come. How do we fix your Lexus correctly the first time? Experience and the right tools for the job! Our technicians have been doing Lexus repair work for years and they stay on top of new models with training and study.

Our technicians being dedicated to the latest models makes us extremely relevant. Our guys can fix the new LS, GS, IS, ES, RX, LX, and GX with ease thanks to the experience with past models and study of the new ones. If you just drove your Lexus off the lot yesterday, our technicians can fix it today. The odds are pretty good that with this high quality luxury car that you own we won’t be seeing you for a while though! Whatever year or model, bring your Lexus repair jobs to Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto for the best service in Portland.