Ford Repair in Portland, OR

Expert Ford Service -- Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto

At Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto, we specialize in all Ford model repairs and services. How can we not be when there are so many Fords on the road. Our certified technicians made Ford one of our first priorities. It is one of our personal missions to be number one in our Ford service and repairs.

Our heart of the house comes from our technicians, and when you come and visit you will see exactly what I mean. Their hard work and dedication on perfecting Ford repairs and services shows in the product they put out. We are proud to be serving the Ford community in Portland, and we encourage you to see why.

For many people who choose Ford, we know why. Choosing an all American car makes perfect sense. Let us help you keep your Ford a good choice. Our pride is just as large and in charge as yours and your Ford’s!