Dodge Repair in Portland, OR

Service & Maintenance Pros -- Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto

What does a good Dodge repair shop do? Service Dodge cars, of course. What does a great Dodge repair shop do? Service Dodge cars AND their owners. A complete Dodge car care center doesn’t just have the best OEM parts and diagnostic equipment, it also cares for it’s customers. Those of us at Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto know this to be true. Stop by our shop in Portland for great Dodge repair work and our famously high level of customer service.

Our technicians are well experienced with all Dodge repair jobs. They’ve worked on Chargers, Challengers, Avengers, Grand Caravans, Ram trucks and many more. The MOPAR line has many similar characteristics, being able to work on all of these cars has really built up the knowledge base of our technicians. Some days they know what’s wrong with your Dodge before the computer diagnostic equipment does! That’s right, the staff at Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto- quicker than computers!

Having a Dodge repair job done right takes parts that are high quality. With all of the parts available to us here for this American made car you can rest easy – the Dodge replacement parts we put in your car just may be better than the ones we took out! That’s what you get when you buy locally produced cars! Going with a local business, such as Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto in Portland, will get you those same results. We’re your neighbors, friends and maybe even family! We’ll repair your Dodge, take care of you and have you back behind the wheel of your Dodge as quick as we can!