DEQ Testing in Portland, OR

Keep Portland’s Air Clean! -- Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto

In Portland, DEQ tests are extremely important. We care about the air in our area, and we want the “green” message to stay provident in our community. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to understand that clean air is good air.

We tend to forget about DEQ tests during our busy schedule. It doesn’t seem like a major auto repair, but once your car starts spewing smoke, it usually means there’s something wrong with the way it’s running and it’s time for a service or repair. For performance reasons, a DEQ test is always ideal and just as important as your first 30K service.

Portland’s community wants to stay clean and fresh. And we want to help you help us keep it that way. We are glad to service your car for an amazing value. Give us a call and schedule an appointment!