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Noisy Brakes? Slow Brakes? Hard Brakes?–Come See Us!

Your vehicle can look and sound as good as you want. But if the brakes aren’t working effectively, your vehicle is sidelined until further notice. The most important safety component in your vehicle is the braking system. Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto has a team of brake repair specialists that will ensure the safety of you and your passengers with quality brake service. Pay attention to the early sign of your brakes “talking” to you. This is usually a high-pitched squeal that should be interpreted as, “I need some attention!” Your vehicle’s braking system was designed to give you this early alert when the brake pads have worn too low. You should never ignore these early warnings because being proactive with your brake services will save you a lot of time, money, and stress. While you should definitely bring your braking system to us as soon as possible, there is a chance that you won’t notice there’s a problem in time.

Speedy Brake Service–Before It’s Too Late

Driving with the windows up and the radio loud can mask your brakes’ true condition. Everyone else around you will hear your brakes loud and clear, but you may be insulated from the noise. If you notice a brake issue too late, there will be a metal-on-metal grinding noise when you apply your brakes. At this point, you should stop driving your vehicle as not to do extensive damage to your braking system components. You may also feel some other warning signs in the brake pedal or steering wheel. Brakes that are malfunctioning will vibrate whenever you apply them. A vibrating steering wheel is a clear indication of a brake problem. Any abnormal performance out of your brakes–soft pedal, hard pedal, strange smells–are reasons to come to Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto for a quality brake check.

Schedule Your Brake Service Today!

Our brake service experts will give you a quick and accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s braking system. Come find out exactly what’s happening with your brakes. Sandy Blvd Tire & Auto wants to answer all your questions and erase your concerns about your braking system. Give us a call today at 503-288-7041 to schedule your next brake service appointment. Our experts are ready to perform an accurate brake check or inspection service. Save time right now, by scheduling using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by! We accept all of our walk-ins and look forward to servicing your vehicle.